French-new-wave murder mystery

This film follows a couple of detectives through the past and present. It was imperative for this film to feel like the 1950s, accomplished through choices in editing style and color. The two aspect ratios chosen reflect the present and the past. Deep, distinct, saturated colors while in the present. A grainy black-and-white look to represent the past. The editing style we chose for this film is influenced by French-new-wave filmmaking of the 1950s, the same period the film takes place in. French filmmakers of this era created the “jump cut,” which we utilized throughout the film.

To watch the full film, please request a private screening link.

Writers: Cristian Bautista & Graham Hammond
Director: Cristian Bautista
DP: Zed Friedman
Producer: Jordan Sharkey
PD: Isabel Wiesner
Editor & Colorist: Eric Yeich

Video Editing
Color Grading
Visual Effects
Title Treatment
Film Finishing

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