Historical fiction inspired by
the Muslim Queen of Delhi

After a tumultuous rise to power, the first-ever Muslim Queen of Delhi fights to rule the kingdom while her own family plots against her. This story was inspired by Razia Sultana, so it was important to accurately represent her character throughout the film. We start with her backstory, using text and authentic historical images to convey that our story lives within this time period. Once the text fades, the actress portraying Razia is revealed and the film begins. Due to the difficult nature of producing a film set in 12th-century Delhi, there were many production hurdles addressed during post-production. Our editors developed Razia’s character arc by adding and removing sequences. To make it more powerful, we cut dozens of dialogue lines, while adding a flashback sequence that visualized Razia’s inner thoughts.

To watch the full film, please request a private screening link.

Writer: Sahil Rustami
Director: Zaid Hassan
Producers: Melanie An & Charlie McCollum
DP: Ruben Plascencia
PD: Sahil Rustami
Art Director: Valeria Vera-Crespo
Sound Designers: Acari Kinerman & Cassidy Tucker
Editors: Eric Yeich & Janetzy Cruz
Colorist: Avery Niles

Video Editing
Title Treatment
Film Finishing

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