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Red Bull: Mastering the Mini

Branded documentary

This documentary details the ins and out of the classic Red Bull Mini Cooper. Our production team captured its every detail, from loading the built-in coolers with cans of Red Bull to navigating streets in this eye-catching vehicle. Working closely with the team at Red Bull, we crafted the script and shotlist. We wove together a narrative that not only chronicles the history of the Mini, but also serves as an effective instructional tool for future Red Bull employees. We enhanced our initial concept by adding music, revising the voiceover, and including archival footage. 

To watch the full film, please request a private screening link.

Director & Editor: Eric Yeich
Producers: Carly Denora & Rachel Schroeder
DP: Ruben Plascencia
1st AC: Eli Leibow
Colorist: Avery Niles
Video Editing
Sound Design
Title Treatment
Film Finishing