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Steve Aoki: New York

Dance-pop music video

With three days of footage shot on three different cameras at three different locations, the video’s concept was purely constructed during our editing process. Given complete creative liberty in post-production, we reworked simple footage of partygoers into bright, exciting 2000s-style graphics reminiscent of “Just Dance.” Our newfound style wove its way into every part of this video, from b-roll shots to performance takes. Despite the three featured artists never stepping into a room together, we were able to make the video feel cohesive.

Director: Mariah Morgenstern
Production Company: New Royalty
Producer: Maliik Morales
DP: Karim Dakkon
PD: Sydney Nomura
Art Director: Briggen Brikai
Hair & Makeup: Itze De Jesus
Editor: Eric Yeich
Colorist: Gabe Sanchez
Video Editing
Visual Effects
Title Treatment